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  • International Mud Day 2017 @ Sproutz

    Well,for  Sproutzies, this just doesn’t cut it. We really need to get muddy, not just hands! So, our children got a chance to slide into the mud slurry waiting for them. And now it starts to get more interesting. Our seven-year-olds simply invited me into the slurry by just throwing some mud at me. With this, I just transformed into a kid.  We enjoyed dropping balls of mud into the watery mud slurry to the watch the beautiful ripples form too. We were all really soaked in mud! Then comes our “Akash Ganga”. We opened the valve from the tank above to fill our […]

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  • Let’s nurture stories!

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  • Little Helping Hands ….. Develop Responsible People

    Did you ever observe a neighbour’s child helping his dad in cleaning car without being asked? Or, your cousin’s one year old putting her finished cup/bottle in the sink without reminders? Did you ever feel where these wonder children came from? Did you ever feel that your child never puts away toys when he is done playing? Is it a struggle to get your child ready in the morning? Is your child forgetting his/her belongings frequently? Being in the teaching field gave me opportunity to observe quite a number of children at both extremes. Even older children depend on their […]

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  • Child’s Language Development

    In this global era, it is expected from every one to be linguistically smart and learn at least 2 foreign languages to meet the global standards. Proficiency in English language has become a necessity. Parents and teachers attempt to start teaching the language, oral as well as written, at a very young age and expect children to show outstanding language skills. But before we get started with sculpting our children to be linguistically proficient, we need to understand the language learning process. This will help us set our expectations about our child’s language skills. It will also help us nurture […]

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  • Hoopla with your child!

    Being busy all through the academic year, wading through the school routines, engaged with the school related activities such as home tasks, projects, exams and many more keep children’s brain active and ready to perceive more and more. As the summer vacation sets in, a large percentage of children get relaxed and get involved with screen to such an extent that they lose interest in most of the learning activities they were much interested before. This results in children experiencing learning loss which will affect their performance graph when the academic year starts. In addition to academic risks, children can […]

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